I’m a Chilean artist living in Santiago, just next to the Andes Mountain Range. I paint landscapes and subjective maps in watercolour and create zines and artist books. 

My work is the trace of the habits and rituals I build in order to define my reality and it focuses on the perception I have of the place that surrounds me and the one inside me.

I create artworks that are mostly small, even miniature. Mainly in series. These are the witnesses of the actions I obsessively repeat to integrate that which intrigues me. This is also a reminder to myself (and you) that beauty resides in the tiny details of life that, sometimes, we take for granted.

My education is in architecture and I’m deeply curious about the subjective dimension of human dwelling. That’s why you might relate my work to concepts such as Urban Imaginaries, Psychogeography and Walking. For the last eight years my life used to be quite nomadic, that’s why questions like how I am connected with a territory, how it influences me and how I adapt when moving, are the fuel for my art, especially now that I’m back to my home land.


EXHIBITIONS (*solo show)


-My Room is a Strange Loop. Blikveld Cultural Center, Bonheiden, Belgium


-‘El agua de tus lágrimas es el agua de la Tierra’. Riu d’ Art. Riba Roja d’ Ebre. Cataluña. Spain

-“Nostalgia de los Andes”, IWS Chile, Concurso Nacional “Visiones Profundas”(National Watercolour Competition), Hotel Museo El Greco de Puerto Varas, Chile

-My Room is a Strange Loop. UnBoxing. Arts Territory Exchange. Travelling Exhibition

-“Maps from the unknown city”.You are Here, Online exhibition. Katmapped.
-Sounds Library. Arts Territory Exchange and MUCK
-My Room is a Strange Loop. Residency by Correspondence. Arts Territory Exchange

-“Cordón Develado”.Make Your Mark: An Alternative Mapping Project. Solent Showcase Gallery. Southampton. UK
-Accessible Art Show. Solent University. Southampton.UK.
-”El transitar de una Vida” Permanent installation at Riba-roja Cemetery. Riu d’ Art. Riba Roja d’ Ebre. Cataluña. Spain
-*”Miniature Portswood”. Solo exhibition. Community Space. October Books. Southampton UK

-*“Conversations with Southampton”. Solo Exhibition. The Art House. Southampton. UK
– “Lugares intangibles”. Permanent sculpture. Riu d’ Art. Riba Roja d’ Ebre. Cataluña. Spain
-“Tiny portraits of a common life”. Mutrend Lab. Southampton. UK
-“Cordón Develado”. Finalist Exhibition VIA Arts Prize 2018. Brasil Embassy. London. UK
-“An Offering”, “A rite”, “A cycle”. Mapping Series. Christmas Exhibition. The Art House. Southampton. UK

-“Small Faces”. Solent Showcase Gallery. Southampton, UK
– “Subjective Mapping” exhibition.Brivezac, France
-“Inner Territories” Series. Bold for change for International Women’s Day Exhibition. The Art House. Southampton. UK
-“Inner Territories 2” Series. Open art collective exhibition. King John’s House. Romsey. Southampton. UK