Cordón Develado

Cordón Develado cites two concepts: the red thread as a symbol of the menstruation that interconnects dimensions, explored by Cecilia Vicuña, and the drift from the epic poem “Amereida”, which “recognises the emergence of America as a gift”.
The translucid layer, which depicts the meanderings the artist undertook in Southampton, comprises an imaginary mountain chain formed by the segments of streets of these drifts. This idea is triggered by an unconscious desire to find a lost reference: The Andes, which constitutes the backbone of South America and an imposing natural landmark of this territory.
The analogy of the Andes as a geographical thread that links the identity of Latin Americans, creates a dialogue with the idea of menstruation as a red thread connecting the whole humanity.
The artwork plays with the contrast of two scales: a 1:1500000 scale employed to trace the mountain chain and a 1:15000 scale used to map the walks across Southampton. Each paper folding is equivalent to 1Km of walking and, at the same time, to 100 Km of mountains. The remaining of tracing paper is what is required to complete the 7240 Km of the Andes.
This project was shortlisted for Via Arts Prize 2018 responding to the theme “Dialogues”, and exhibited as part of Make your Mark: An alternative mapping project. Solent Showcase Gallery.

Details: Artist book & Installation
Materials: Watercolour on 300gr cotton papper, acrilyc marker and ink pen on tracing paper, red thread, found objects from Southampton in jars, clips, box.
Shows: Via Arts Prize 2018, Make your Mark 2019

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